Thursday, 15 September 2011

On Buying Cutlery...

Now heading into my sixth year as a university student I am more than aware that if one doesn't keep track of one's own cutlery then it is quite likely to go missing (and judging by the hygiene standards in the kitchens of my time, there is less probability that this has anything to do with theft than the possibility of my knives and spoons growing legs and walking out.) After a further recent utensil heist, I took it upon myself to go to the local department store to buy a new knife and fork.

Now, here's the problem...

I thought, while I was there, I'd start a new chapter in my culinary life and buy an entirely new kitchen set of cutlery and crockery to cater for all my self-catering needs. Alas, I was aghast to be informed by the ever-pleasant Boswell's staff that no such set exists! Well, that's OK I begrudgingly suppose, I'll just buy an all-encompassing set of cutlery... wait, what?! Those don't exist either?

Essentially all I'm asking for is for a pack containing a knife, a fork, a dessert spoon and maybe a teaspoon. (Perhaps a deluxe version could contain some extras like a paring knife, some chopsticks or a spork?) Anyway, selling cutlery in such a way seems to me to make inherently more sense than the only cutlery packs available which contain five forks or five knives or whatever. At least, then I would not be constrained to have parties for dinner comprising only multiples of 5 people!

What's the big deal here? Surely in Oxford, a city where a large proportion of the cutlery-buying population will be students, there exists a market for such complete packs of cutlery?

Suffice to say, I ended up buying a solitary knife and a solitary fork. I guess any guests I have will have to do with their fingers...

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